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Funding Structures

Our focus is on short-term funding structures provided on a “use-it-as-you-need-it” basis. This allows us to quickly deliver critical working capital to clients when banks or other traditional lending sources are not available.


Spot Factoring

Spot Factoring allows a company to accelerate cash flow from its receivables. WPC will purchase one or multiple invoices. You get cash when you need it and WPC will wait the 30, 45 or more days to receive payment from your customers. Funds can be used for any business purpose and the amount available is based on the size and strength of your customer transactions. 


Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding will finance a new customer order from start to finish.  WPC will pay the direct production costs to fulfill a customer order as well as finance the collection period following shipment. We can customize the financing to fit your production schedule, so you don’t worry about cash for supplier payments. 


Cash Flow Loans

Cash Flow loans enable a company to make large, periodic purchases and spread out the cash payments over 3 to 6 months. It provides a flexible funding source for companies with a steady, recurring revenue stream. 

Our Banking Relationships

Image by Kenny Eliason

West Plain Capital works closely with banks and economic development agencies, helping their business clients obtain critical working capital. 


Challenged by the economy and competition or simply having a short history, many businesses do not fit a bank’s lending criteria. By referring these clients to WPC, the bank maintains its banking/deposit relationship and the business gets the “short-term” funding they need. 

Banks, agencies and other lenders are an excellent source of long-term funding at a low cost, but business dynamics can change quickly requiring additional capital.  WPC can work with your lender to provide that extra cash as needed, without disrupting your current credit facility. 

Working together with your financial institution, we can meet the needs of your growing business.

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